Thursday, 21 March 2013



MIKIO SAKABE's menswear collection for AW 13/14, I described on my twitter earlier (perhaps somewhat distastefully, but i'm honest) as "a wet dream".
Excuse my superficial summary and lacking fashion critique, but quite simply: eternal teen men in pastels, dresses, puffs, pleats, ribbons, sailor collars, kittens and all.

 photo eyes.gif

I love his vision.

I don't think you understand how serious I am. These are Bissoux endorsed dreamboat outfits of the highest degree.

His SS13 presentation could not have been more perfectly constructed for me, specifically me, I'm saying ME. I'm talking about the collection where the models (dressed in more fantasy pastel dandy x schoolgirl wonder) walked on stage nonchalantly and settled down to lounge about reading shoujo manga, sprawling limbs of dyed leg hair emerging from heaps of marshmallow tone and texture whilst my favourite twin drum idol duo バンドじゃないもん!performed behind them. When I first read this report  I think my heart stopped for 5 seconds, and my vision became blurred with the dazzling sparkles of actual shoujo fantasy, sometimes I watch it on a loop and its like i'm lucid dreaming...

Don't even get me started on the ways I love AW12/13 ...



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