Thursday, 17 May 2012

slow news day .... 오모!

this article. (ok a week or more old, still open in a tab.. still news)

Korean film 'Runway Cop' announced: "There will be 3 former models and current actors outstandingly good looking in this movie" ...  "their average height is 186 cm. They will provide life to the movie with their good looks." ...  ""Runway Cop" is a unique setting movie about ..."   yeah blah blah blah, we can stop there, I think i've heard enough.

I wonder, does anyone actually care what this movie is actually about? i'm thinking ... no.
I personally mainly care only about movie stills like this one:

Hello Lee SooHyeok. Always a pleasure.

... and I care a great deal about Kim "LEGS" Yeong Kwang (whom I fell in love with ever since I nicknamed him 'Lurch' and sat through all 21 episodes of Bachelor's Vegetable Store for despite his supporting role, did I ever mention this? The Korean drama about the bachelors who run a vegetable store?! but then there's also the evil step mom, death, child swapping, corruption, vegetables, Jihyuk from Supernova, vegetables... I think we need to talk about this sometime ...).

Kim Yeong Kwang, I care a lot. I follow you on twitter BTW,  even though you are mostly silent, tweet only in hangul and don't even have a photograph as your profile image,
but I live in hope of a selca.

fond memories of 'Lurch'

If anybody needs me, you'll find me buried in my Kim Young Kwang folder. drooling.

Maybe you're reading this thinking i'm a terribly shallow terribly terrible person who is only interested in a 'oustandingly good looking' face? Well, well, well, you would be wrong ... didn't I even tell you about his legs ... ?

187cm ...


Siobhain said...

OH. well this is nice. to say the least.

Bunny said...

you're welcome.