Friday, 18 May 2012

メロンパン head

So, believe it or not, I think today was the first time I ever tweeted at a kpop idol...

I tweeted at YoungJae from B.A.P to tell him that his mildly offensive haircut looks exactly like melon pan. Somebody needed to tell him!

but then right after I felt really bad, I mean, I'm basically a cyber bully, he's only 19 or something, practically a child!! and he already had that incident about his puppy fat...  maybe he's sensitive!! an easy target... poor boy. WHAT HAVE I DONE ????

but seriously, this hair is vile.
Its Linkin Park circa 2001 crossed with Scott from 5ive (circa 94/5? when even were those days?!?!)

B.A.P is supposed to stand for "BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT", well i'm giving this hair 0 out of 3 based on that criteria. The rest of the boys aren't doing much better (which the except of perfect robot child Zelo, currently pretty in pink) although i've come to terms with them butchering Himchan because I find his micro fringe makes him look endearingly like some kind of anime rodent whose mother rodent tried her very best to cut his hair herself but had difficultly grasping the scissors in her tiny rodent hands so just resorted to nibbling away at it with her teeth.... but the rest of them really need some kind of deep conditioning treatment and special shampoo to 'remove product build up', greazzzy.

B.A.P's songs are flaw free k-pop classics but the styling remains like a car accident in the Army & Navy store dragged through the Camden market in the early 2000s. I won't be surprised when they are wearing New Rock boots or mesh truck caps for their next comeback. *side eyes*
I don't know why I expect anything more from a group that has a 'STOMP' segment and a 'spray can dance' ...  *side eyes back at myself*
Back to Youngjae's head, seriously though ... ほんとうに、メロンパンみたい〜 ね〜

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