Thursday, 3 May 2012

chijimi girl & tteokbokki boy

This week: 2 Golden visitors from Hokkaido ♡

Today we persevered despite the relentless rain that was collecting inside of my boots.
I managed to buy the wardrobe of an 8 year old child and lead a shakily navigated tour of Shimokitazawa with a bagel from heaven before Shibuya > Harajuku > Shin Okubo > Shinjuku.  100% rain. ☂☂☂

My brother is awesome and not just because he bought me a t-shirt with baby otters on it and treated me to chijimi (korean pancakes) in Korea Town.


ああ、新大久保すきだよ!k-pop idol shops, k-pop, k-pop, k-pop, cute waiters ... chijimi, chijimi, chijimi ...


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Siobhain said...

you are back ! ! !