Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Still here. still.

The longer I leave it the harder it gets to start writing again, At the moment it’s pretty miserable that I don’t have time to blog, and I don’t have time to draw. In fact all I have time for, is moaning that I don't have time for anything. When I do have some time its disappears into a void of procrastination, panic and exhaustion. I have less than a month to prepare to emigrate with only a 23kg suitcase. In the meantime (when not at work - and sometimes there too) I seem to be whiling my time away in an unproductive and obsessive Tokyo job & apartment search, and some added tumblr sprees of ikemen escapism. Ultimately i'm left frustrated, mildly frantic and always with a new list of 100 more things I think I should be doing. I just took a break from writing this to go make myself an ice cream sundae, did I mention the non stop eating?!

Actually the first line of this post has been saved as a draft since sunday, which was a really lousy day. I reckon someone punched the moon again because at least 3 dear friends of mine also had a lousy day, not cool Sunday, not cool. so horrific Sundays experiences, overeating and hey I haven't mentioned my heartbreak in a while... but you know what? the only way is forward right. I've booked my plane ticket so October 1st i'll be leaving whether i'm ready or not. All this aside, the only way to break this cycle of hardworking procrastination and some form of reverse laziness is just to do something. I'm going to sit here and force myself to write a load of backdated blog posts and hope that the feeling of accomplishment will wash over me and motivate me to new soaring heights of productiveness. please.

Also, the deal is I don't get to watch Episode of 7 of Ouran High School Host Club until there's been some progress made.


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Siobhain said...

Bunny Bunny Bissoux, I hope you feel better soon! Sunday was definitely a BAD day but there are many more days in September and many many more days in 2011 and many many MANY more days in our lives! YOU ARE BRILLIANT! YOU CAN DO IT! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE!

Sending positive vibes and love xo