Thursday, 3 March 2011

Get Puppy Smart - sew some puppies!

Recently I made these two giant puppies for a client and I was pretty sad to part with them, but I reluctantly had to put them in a box and post them away to their new home.

They were commissioned as part of promotions for the new RSPCA Get Puppy Smart campaign, which informs, educates and encourages people to think and act responsibly before choosing to buy a puppy. I strongly the support the RSPCA and the campaign and encourage everyone to watch the lovely animation at

If you want to see some close up shots and more details you can visit the entry at and if you want to see the puppies receiving lots of love at the launch party you can view pictures here.

PS. Obviously I am not encourage putting puppies in a box and posting them to a new home. That's absurd. 
PPS. This is what I look like when i've been trapped in the house for three days sewing puppies.


Jessica Jane said...

You can come and get shut in my house for 3 days any time.

Lovely puppies.

Alice said...

These are incredible! In awe at your perfect sewing skills xxx

Mother Leopard said...

These pups are amazing!

Siobhain said...

Both you and the puppies are adorable <3

Bunny said...

Thank you all, think I might do some more sewing soon! x