Friday, 25 June 2010

Where did all the K-Pop go??

You've been worrying about it right? You come on my blog and you expect each emotional oversharing miserable post of personal depression, (any very very occasional drawings or wrestling news) to be alternated with some Asian heartthrob swooning and an analysis of flawless dance routine, and you are thinking, where did it go? Where did all the K-Pop go??

Well don't think for one minute that I lost interest. My heart is still firmly displaced somewhere between Japan and South Korean whilst my body continues to be trapped on this damn English Isle. Aigoo... (thats me sighing in Korean) for the meantime I have to make do with immersing myself completely in the beautiful Asian entertainment world and fanatically following k-pop from afar. (On an additional note, I still love Johnnys and J-pop, but the fire of k-pop currently burns brighter and is so dazzling it makes it hard to look elsewhere, but rest assure Arashi are always in my heart still).

For once I have not been alone in my intense and never-ending obsession and so, together with my beloved k-pop companion (currently located in Japan..) Jessica Jane we have created a new blog (I say "new" but we've been writing it on the down low for a couple of months now..), solely for the purpose of recording and sharing our South Korean obsession, we spend such a huge amount of time devoted to k-pop that a constructive outlet was the best use of the very small amount of time we had left. Now we are ready to share our knowledge / intensity / insanity with you all and introduce you to "NUNAS KNOW BEST"

I'll probably cross post a few entries I've written onto this blog, the ones I deem more "universally" appealing, but for the most part if you want my K-pop musings you need to read them over there. For the uninitiated who are already lost, i'm afraid Nunas Know Best may seem a little confusing, well probably to everyone it will just seem like a shameless vehicle for me and Jess to hit the K-pop ball back and forth to each other and indulge ourselves in vivid daydreams (if you start reading our comment threads, don't say I didn't warn you) BUT we do also aim to educate and inform, in our own way, so if you want to learn, let us be your guides.

In honor of this occasion and in hopes of converting unsuspecting victims into the K-pop realm I have created TWO mixtapes/playlists/whatever for you to enjoy. Some of my favourite K-Pop songs, I decided to segregate girls and boys, I don't really like to mix them.

So consider this a very general yet full on introduction to South Korean Pop.

. click on dancing T.O.P to skip on over there and take a look:


ps. if you are curious, "Nuna" is Korean for older sister or a way for boys to address women older than them (who aren't their sister), which is position we generally end up in relation to most of the male idols, hence, seem as we are sharing our valuable opinions of them,, Nunas Know Best.


kayleigh said...

This brogue shuffle GIF is INSANE!!!!

Bunny said...

Thanks babe, probably my finest work to date. Its like he's dancing under our banner.

Jessica Jane said...

T.O.P endorsement. If anything is going to turn an unsuspecting viewer of the post, this will be it. Perfection.

I am intrigued as to which posts will make it over to BunnyBissoux - I see Rain already did. What a lucky readership you have.

And thank you for making us sound so respectful and proper. It almost seems like what we are doing is totally decent and merit worthy - if only this were true.

Bunny said...

I'm trying to convince myself as much as anyone that this is decent and merit worthy. I'm not buying it.

In an ideal world we would hold an launch party to celebrate our endeavour, special guest T.O.P would perform the brogue shuffle underneath an actual banner baring our title, instead of luggage he would be dancing in front of a giant pile of k-pop related gifts all addressed to us. I don't think I even need to go on, but if you insist, the night would end up you, me and the T.O.P lounging in our robes in a giant hot beverage.

alternate ending: you, me and the T.O.P passed out face down in the celebratory NunasKnowBest cake.