Tuesday, 23 March 2010

nothing much, Jang Geun Suk & dreams.

Before I begin my planned internet catch ups I've discovered some wayward draft posts lurking in the ether which are now barely relevant or remembered, but even so, I like to follow through on what I start. The problem is I wrote it in some weird cryptic note form sent from my phone at 2am almost a fortnight ago.

This is what I put:

"Dreams, hgs, petto, nino, taec mom adverts topless

Lost mind dinner, shrigg, sally print, internet, peers, top, news, heechul, hangeng, 10 part eukhyun , gtop, native picture me, choi top justice, too late giveaway, woe"

*shrug* anyone know what am I talking about? OK here's what I remember:

Firstly I squealed in delight to read that my favourite fierce eyebrowed Korean actor Jang Geun Suk has been rumored / confirmed (depends on the source) to star in the Korean film remake of my most beloved Japanese TV Drama "Kimi Wa Petto" ("You are my Pet") source here. Based on a really great manga, which for some reason I had only read volumes 12 and 13 of, of the same name (or for some reason translated to Tramps Like Us in the english edition), the story is about a hardworking late 20s (I think...) career woman struggling with romance who finds a 18 year old (I think..) injured boy outside her apartment in a cardboard box and takes him inside and then decides to keep him as her pet because her reminds her of her beloved childhood dog Momo. In the TV show Momo was played by Arashi's Matsumoto Jun in all his gawky youthful fluffy hair glory and was such an irresistible role it was without a doubt the turning point for me warming to Matsujun and learning to appreciate his charms, so now for Jang Geun Suk (who has already firmed nestled himself into a corner of my heart with "You're Beautiful") to play the adorable boy pet character is total deserving of the squealing.

Now i'm always crossing my fingers that my crushes / johnny's / k-poppers will show up in my dreams and what happened that night? Jan Geun Suk showed up in my dream!! I couldn't remember what happened at all, but I know he was there, doing this exact smile, and it was amazing. The next night, out of nowhere, Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari cropped up in my dream, I couldn't remember anything again but I knew he'd been in my head, and he was definitely being nice to me. The third night I was willing for another handsome guy dream, although preferably one I'd actually remember (and wishful thinking perhaps a bit sexy..). I half got my wish, but it was just plain odd. I remembered this one so here's a snippet of the full story: I dreamed that I agreed to do a favour for a friend of my mums (not a real friend, imaginary dream friend) and let her take pictures of me for an advert (?!), my dad was doing it too. I was in a bad mood and when we got there they gave me a script, and I was like "what?? I thought this was just photos? its videos???" and I felt really uncomfortable and like id been tricked but couldn't get out of it. There were 5 / 6 other people and we all had scenes together in a different combination of pairs, I just wanted to leave the whole time. Then I realised one of the other "actors" was Taecyeon and I freaked out half fangirl frenzy, half self conscious flustered-ness, I was asking "how come I didn't get any scenes with him?? OMG? as if!!" I was getting more and more furious, then someone said "but you did" and I looked at the playback on the camera monitors and there it was! I was topless with my back to the camera and Taecyeon walked by and squeezed my shoulder (this is was totally not a sexy dream) I was so confused, why didn't I remember any of this?? and I was topless? when my mum was driving us home I was so sulking in the car and I said "I know i'm being grumpy, i'm just in a really bad mood, don't even talk to me" or something like that. Thats it. I know its like such a lame teenage celebrity crush dream, like "he didn't even notice me!" whatever, at least he made it into my sleeping head. So the fourth night I thought for sure I could somehow sway my dreams and have some kind of epic make out session with at least one super crush..... NOPE, instead I dreamed I was part of an alien hunting task force who were hiding out in a crowded theatre and then trying to escape from a rabid demon baby who kept crawling ferociously towards me. It sucked.

There's a whole blog post about a lot of nothing.
I'll round it off with an Jang Geun Suk moment:



fizzywoohoo said...

Hi! I was quite happy to stumble upon your blog while googling Jang Geun Suk..I've recently started watching "He's Beautiful" & I'm loving it. Of course, I couldn't wait to see what'll happen so I ended up checking out the finale on youtube & mysoju.

There are so many things that you've mentioned that I like/love as well...Jang Geun Suk for starters, kpop, MatsuJun, Si Won, Kim Hyun Joong..and wrestling!

I've been a long time fan and it's really tough finding another girl who enjoys it as much as I do.

Great work on the blog! But I just want to ask...no Lee Min Ho? =)

Bunny said...

hello! thank you so much for commenting, i'm glad you found my blog ^-^

Really it is tough to find anyone who likes wrestling, let alone girls who also like k-pop and jang geun suk!

I shall keep up my good work here, i hope you'll keep reading, and ahh Lee Min Ho, his time will come i'm sure, as soon as I start watching Personal Taste! I think I love him already anyway, ever since I saw that banana milk CF...!

have a great day x

fizzywoohoo said...

I haven't seen the banana milk commercial you were referring to. I'll look it up on youtube.

Ah...but you must watch Personal Taste! I just finished it about a month ago & sorry for sounding like a giggling schoolgirl but he's so adorable & super cute there! He was already good looking in Boys Over Flowers...he's even more good looking in Personal Taste!

Have you come across that article on the site called allkpop I think, that he and Jang Geun Suk were tied at no.2 in a poll asking people who their dream boyfriend is or something? I couldn't agree more. No. 1 went to a member of Big Bang.

You're based in the UK right? So, have you gotten the chance to see Raw or Smackdown live? They visit there pretty often right?

The WWE first went here about 15 years ago & in 2006 Raw returned for a 2 day show that was jampacked with fans. A few months later, Smackdown followed. That was so much fun. I wish they'd go back...but I kinda miss the good ol days of wrestling. I thought the storylines were interesting up until '06, '07 & '08.

I hope you won't mind if I tell another friend about your blog. She likes a lot of Jpop & Kpop as well & she absolutely loves Matsumoto Jun. =)

Bunny said...

I hope you looked up and enjoyed the banana milk! and yes Personal Taste is on my "must watch as soon as possible" list, no doubt i'll blog about it one day. There is no need to apologise for giggling school girls ways here, thats how my brain operates 99% of the time. I have so many dream boyfriends, i'm almost ashamed, but not quite, and id be stuck to choose between 2 of Big Bang.
Yes i'm in the UK, and wwe come here about once or twice every year, I went to see Smackdown about 2 years ago but thats the only time i've ever gone, its so expensive, and often the arenas are far away from me, i'd love to go to one where they're taping for TV. I totally agree, its pretty boring these days, it feels like they're not even trying to entertain us anymore sometimes! Where abouts are you in the world? an dyes please tell your friend, any readers welcome. Although, I kind of have a love / hate thing with Matsumoto Jun..!

fizzywoohoo said...

Hi! Finally, I checked out good 'ol youtube & found the banana milk commercial...awwwww!!! How adorable! *heart melting* I envied the refridgerator so much!

I find it quite amusing that I'm currently watching "You're Beautiful" as I reply to you again. I work for a broadcasting company & we own the rights to televise that drama here. There are lots of tv sets in the room so you can imagine how hard it can be sometimes to focus on work when you've got the beautiful Jang Geun Suk staring down at you. *heart fluttering*

I'm from Manila, Philippines by the way...where it's kinda sad to be in at the moment given the recent sad events that has happened last week.

Since I'm only seeing "You're Beautiful" for the first time and can't really pay much attention to it at work, I try to catch it on mysoju.com...plus our version is dubbed in the local language... which is alright because I think we do a pretty ok job at dubbing but...in some ways I'm a purist...I enjoy these dramas in their local language & would prefer subtitles in english.

As for the wwe...I just wanted to say that I miss Triple H. He holds that show at the palm of his hands & when he's on, everyone pays attention.

Bunny said...

Hello again, sorry ive had such busy weeks im only just catching up with all your comments!

I was sorry to hear about the events in the Philppines I hope things have settled down a lot now, it can be terrible for the whole nation when something so tragic happens.

Now slightly distastefully switching back to Korean guys..

I never thought i'd envy a refridgerator until that advert.

Oh my goodness! I dont know how you can work AT ALL with You're Beautiful playing!!! I am completely in love with all 3 of them, really. The first time I watched it I was all about Shin Woo, but had fallen for all 3 by the end, but when I rewatched the series I thought I was going to explode from crushing on all 3 of them.
I agree with you about subtitles, id always rather watched subbed than dubbed, especially when you know what the guys voices sound like! It would break my heart to hear a "jolieeeeeee" that didnt come from Hongki.

I've never really been a huge Triple H fan, although I do like him a lot and I completely agree with what you said, he is the King of Kings afterall!!

fizzywoohoo said...

I just wanted to add--since you mentioned about their voices--that I am absolutely crazy over Jang Geun Suk's voice!

And no..talking about the Korean boys isn't distasteful. I would've done the same thing. =)

That's all for now. I'm at work and "He's Beautiful" is on! Woohoo! Work? What work?! Time to watch! (it's the episode after Tae Kyung's birthday and they're talking about the stickers/pogs). =)

Bunny said...

He does have a great voice, they all do!

Have you heard about the new drama he's (Jang Geun Suk) going to be in around November time, where he's going to play an "indie rocker" ?! I got so excited and now they have added that BEAUTIFUL Kim Jae Wook is going to play his love rival!!! I can not wait.

I love the show so much, from about the pogs bit onwards I like how they are always making her choose between the three of them! what a hard choice it would be...