Saturday, 10 October 2009

wrassle letdown

where is the love? at least ReyRey & Dave know how to have a good time.

Aside from The Rock popping up (via pre-recorded "satellite") the other day and Joey Styles surprise "OH MY GOD" combined with Michael Cole's drunk comedy routine ("vintage hornswoggle!") and not forgetting Drew McIntyre's Pretty Ricky beatdowns ... the wrasslin is in another slump.

It's no fun making incinuations about Jericho and the Big Show's relationship when even they refer to themselves with their own portmandeau... oh JeriShow, the Big Show's smart casual attire, the entrance music remix, this is lame. I can't even bring myself to ship Randy & Cody these days (but I do still enjoy Cody's teenage thighs and Zelda boots).

RAW's no better, Santino is the lone comedy representative, aside from Swagger and his gurning smile, the guest hosts are a let down and DX's current PG schtick is so lazy and weak it makes Bad Knee's current comeback look like a "holy shit" moment. Why did they have to take the belt off glorious heel Punk Rock Phil already?? I didn't bother watching Hell in a Cell and i'm not sure whats going to make me want to watch Bragging Rights. I'm worried about 60 minutes of OrtonxCena. It was just getting good again but now ... zzzzzzz.

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