Friday, 16 October 2009

I have stuff, do you want it? it makes me miserable.

One of the many reasons why I am miserable...

I have a sewing room /stock room and it was out of control. I hadn't been able to sew anything (for work or pleasure) in months and months and I could barely get in the door, and looking at all that stuff made me want to cry, its part of my get rid of half the stuff I own plan I think I mentioned once before maybe. So, I sorted it all out, 4 bags for the charity shop, 3 bags of rubbish and then moved everything that needs selling into the living room, ready for Etsy. The problem is, its a mountain... and its still there. If I didn't need the money I'd just give this stuff away and get it out my house, now I walk in my living room and want to cry. I sit here distracting myself with K-pop comebacks and Johnny's picture Tumblr accounts because I dare not turn around, its behind me, as long as I keep facing the screen I dont have to look at that giant reminder of doom.

September 17th
October 6th
October 15th

see how it got worse, and then just stayed exactly the same? (metaphor). See how my eyes go from perky to filled with sorrow?! :\

Maybe you're thinking jeeez suck it up, stop procrastinating and just list the flippin stuff on etsy already, OK in part you're right, but in my defense I have no time, I have no energy, I have no motivation and I have 500 other things to do which I should really be doing instead of writing this blog post. Oh well. lesson learned. I should just list the flippin stuff on etsy already. Ideally it'd be good if I had a car and some sales to sell at, but no luck there so etsy it is, although I've been thinking maybe that is just too daunting (there easily 200+ things to list) and i'll try and knock out some chunks of the stuff mountain with an intimate jumble sale in my flat, so scrape together your pennies friends (i mean real friends who I will invite to my house, not potential psychopaths) and help a girl out here. Another option, anyone want to bulk buy some vintage stock? yes? please? help me, i'm giving up and going back to Johnnysville.

On a more positive note, I think you should know that in the second picture i was actually wearing one of the greatest jumpers of all time:


Trav28 said...

Oh my word, that is a lot of boxes there! Let me know if you still want to offload the misty comics/annuals :)

I thought I was the only person allowed to be up at this time, being jetlagged and all! ;)

Sara said...

It is a lot of boxes - but I must agree that it really is one of the greatest jumpers of all time.

It may not ne enough to make you happy at the moment but hopefully it will bring a small ray of hope into your life. It did to mine

Bunny said...

Trav28- oh yes I haven't forgotten but the annuals are back in birmingham. In a whole separate mountain of stuff so you'll have to wait a little longer I'm afraid!
Also it seems like I'm always up late these days and no excuse of jetlag, oh dear!!

Sara- thank you for your lovely comment. I can feel the hope coming!!

Trav28 said...

heh, I am way patient! Linda is getting by on the reprints :)

Good luck with the big re-organisation :)