Tuesday, 26 February 2008

lola and the cartwheels

what happens when i dj, originally uploaded by Bunny Bissoux.

I had an awesome time in Sheffield on saturday, It was a super treat to see Charlotte again and i've got to give a huge thank you to Emma "the legend" ledger for having me there in the first place and giving me somewhere to sleep, along with lovely flatmate Sally, all of you ladies are the best. You sure deserved those Nirvana postcards.

so practically eveyone left after the bands had played but that just left us more room on the dance floor to get out all the hits! Highlights included : MCR, saves the day, HBK's entrance theme, O-zone (genius from ledger), the song from labyrinth, feed my frankenstein and finally with the power of our music resources combined we managed to satisfy each and every 80s pop request thrown at us by the slightly new age bar staff whilst simultaneously encouraging windmilling from strangers and even mysteriously shattering a glass that appeared from nowhere over our equipment. magic times.

topped off with a teenesque story telling sleepover fueled by jaffa cakes. They sure know how to show you a good time up north.

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emma 'soapy tits' ledger said...

yes yes, a million times yes! come back and be with us longtime!!!