Tuesday, 12 February 2008

got, got, need, swap, got, got

some new trading cards arrived the other day, i decided to treat myself to open another packet of "rockcards", i just can't resist tearing open their sexy hologram silver jackets. I think these are possibly my favourite trading cards ever, the quality!

anyway I got another exodus card, John Tempesta looking gnarly in a nike vest:

and better yet i got Marty FREAKIN Friedman! now this guy knows has the right idea: become an awesome guitarist, be a band with Jason Becker, be in Megadeth, move to Japan, speak japanese, host your own super amazing japanese rock / metal / fun fun fun / kareoke / guitar contest / pop / rock / game show / TV SHOW - now thats living!

Here's Marty and Kerry King from Slayer playing Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Venom, Metallica and Pantera. YES KIDS - you heard me right, this isn't a dream. In japan, not only is it the home of genius like print gocco machines or neo blythe dolls or instant film with hello kitty borders and the fact that everything in the country is made of 95% pure happiness officially, your bag of crisps will have a face on it, people dress like cartoons, dogs dress like people, low crime rate, no litter, and Kerry King will go on Marty Friedman's Tv show and play Judas Priest riffs like its no fucking big deal:

now if you can just sweep up you're shattered concept of what you thought was awesome, prepare yourself for this... Andrew WK and Marty serenade us with a slowed down party hard , followed by BARRY MANNILOW, then crazed japanese co-host "Rolly" (ex Scanch) shows up and they all get the party started:

unfortunately they don't have the rest of the Andrew WK episode on you tube, they play games, talk a bit and play some more , including "party til you puke".

Rock Fujiyama makes me want to party til i puke.

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