Wednesday, 30 January 2008

more nice words about me

congratulations to Pete Ashton as created in birmingham has joint won a mediaguardian innovation innovative blog award type thing. I don't know anything about the awards, what they're all about, or anything about it really, but it sounds like a good thing, and he won something so hurrah! well done! as if we didn't know what a nice guy Pete is already, he celebrates the win with some kindly promotion and even kinder words for lots of birmingham people, including myself, he says:

"Bunny Bissoux became one of my favourite blogs this autumn as she single handedly became the best advertisement for the Custard Factory’s Sunday Flea Market where she had a stall. Hard to describe exactly what maker her blog so good other than it’s a joy to read." you can read the whole post here.

thanks pete! If my blog had a tag line i'd change it to "A joy to read - quote, pete ashton"

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minkee said...

he's right, you know!